Vendor Management - A How To Guide

Bringing Value to Your Vendor Partnerships by:

  • Establishing a structure of operation for the partnerships
  • Clarifying contractual terms and conditions into measurable deliverables
  • Ensuring services purchased are being delivered at the required levels
  • Building partnerships with vendors to enhance their “value-add” capabilities
  • Creating clear processes to resolve contractual and service disputes
  • Identifying and evaluates the risks inherent in vendor partnerships

This program addresses the management and oversight of a company’s vendors and contractual relationships who are supplying services or products to your company.  Detailed work plans are provided that will guide you through the entire Vendor Management Office set up and operation.

A Vendor Management Office that does not bring additional real dollar value to the company is dead on arrival.  That is why 'Vendor Management - A How To Guide' will teach Vendor Managers methods for documenting and promoting the value obtained by the Vendor Management Office.

Demonstrable Return on Investment
from 'Vendor Management - A How To Guide'

The Vendor Management Office brings real value in hard and soft dollar savings to the company by; increasing the accuracy of vendor invoices while avoiding over charging and payments; obtaining value sooner by expediting contract changes through the approval process; lowering vendor turnover and much more.

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Who could benefit the most from
'Vendor Management - A How To Guide'?

Mid-sized and large companies that need to establish a Vendor Management Office or seek to empower an overwhelmed purchasing agent could experience demonstrable return on investment from this program.

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Companies of all sizes are continually looking to vendors to provide services that the organization used to execute internally.  The ones that manage them the most effectively will be more competitive. 

Herb Sening established the Vendor Management Office along with the supporting processes and strategic plan for WellPoint / Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  He was also responsible for the management and value derived from Infrastructure Outsourced Services Vendors (IBM, Dell, ACS, Xerox and Verizon).

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Herb Sening, Business Owner / Author

Training Package

'Vendor Management - A How To Guide' delivers a robust training package that includes a detailed program manual along with CD and DVD support materials.  This is not a blue sky strategy or academic theory but a real life, “how to guide” that will walk you through the creation, operation and management of a Vendor Management Office with real deliverables, templates, work plans and guides to obtain the maximum value from your Vendors.

  • DVD with Video Training Sessions and Chapter Introductions
    DVD with Video Training Sessions and Chapter Introductions

    Provides Training Sessions, Interviews, How to Guide Explanations per topic area and much more.

  • CD including VM Presentation and Workplan for Customization
    CD including VM Presentation and Workplan for Customization

    Contains electronic versions of Presentations, Work Plans, Example Documents and Templates.

  • VM Manual containing detailed Processes and Deliverables
    VM Manual containing detailed Processes and Deliverables

    Includes a comprehensive How To Guide, Textbook, Workbook, Program Guide and more.